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 Stock market prediction using astrology as a tool- How beneficial it is for stock traders

Astrology is one of the finest market-timing tools available in pinpointing dates of tradable market highs or lows,” said Raymond Merriman, author of the series Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing: Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles, and president of Merriman Market Analyst Inc.

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Are you in a mood to take some risk with a percentage of your savings you made still date for better profit? If that is true then what can be the ideal platform for you other than the stock market? Few prefer to take advantage of the fundamental analysis tool to pick the right stocks for investment. On the other hand, some want to make use of technical analysis tools to study the approach of other players in the stock market before making any investment. Financial Engineering is one such subject which makes mix and match of fundamental and technical analysis tools to predict the future of the stocks and the stock market. Even after having so many advantages of these tools why many uncertainties are still missed by predictors at time of analysis? This is one such question which needs an answer.

The movement of the planets plays a very serious and major role in deciding the ups and downs of the stock market. Astrological analysis with use of stock-chart can actually provide a real-time view about the expected future performance of the stocks in which you want to invest.  Stock market prediction using astrology along with fundamental and technical analysis should be done to get the best outcome from the stocks. Astrological tools make use of pure mathematical calculation based on the movements of the planets in the universe. How the price movements of the stock will happen in the stock market depends largely on the stock market direction.

Is astrological prediction for stocks can be done by anyone? Well, of course not as you need to have in-depth knowledge both on the financial market as well as astrological principals to come up with the right set of predictions. Short-term and Long terms returns of stocks need to be judged using astrological tools to make maximum profit from the stock market. Buy and sell, of the stocks need to be done at the right time and astrological tools can help in predicting those specific timings for making transactions.

Fluctuations in the stock market can be seen all through the day and it’s the job of the stock market specialist astrologer to predict the stock exchange momentum. It will give an overview of the trending stock market sentiments. Which tools and how to be used depends on the experience and expertise of the astrologer.  The market is filed up with astrologers having knowledge ranging from expert level to beginners. You need to choose your Astro-expert very cleverly without falling prey to the highly promoted and advertised astrologers of the market.

Neha Gupta is one of those talented, experienced and down to earth astrologers with specialization in financial astrology. She is known for giving an accurate prediction of the stock market with use of astrological calculators. Many consulted her for trading in stocks and experienced get outcomes and profit with her predictions. You can book an appointment with her to get a consultation and to make trading in the stock market in a knowledgeable and effective way.

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