Method of Analysis and Prediction

There are various methods in Astrology. Traditionally, the Indian Astrologers follow Vedic  system
with equal house division. This system seems more subjective and less accurate as the earth is
ellipse and not round and as such scientifically the houses cannot be equal.
There is another house division system known as Placidus house system. In this system, the
houses are divisions of the ecliptic plane (a great circle containing the Sun and Earth's orbit) at the
time and place of the horoscope in question. They are numbered counter-clockwise from the cusp
of the first house. Commonly, houses one through six are below the horizon and houses seven
through twelve are above the horizon.

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While experimenting with different systems for over 33 years, our Expert  finds Stellar instead of
Vedic  Astrology with Placidus house system as more accurate. He has developed his own variants
for predictive purposes based on his extensive research work.
Most of the Astrologers use either Birth Chart or Horary Chart for predictions. However, our Stellar
Astrologist is simultaneously using both the methods for finally offering you the projections on
potential of your future.

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1. Method of Predictions through Birth Chart Analysis :
In this method, date, time and longitude & latitude of place of birth are taken to erect the
horoscope (Planetary positions).  This is called Natal Astrology. Most accurate data is required for
correct predictions under this method. Besides, the correct date and place, cent per cent accuracy
is necessary in some cases up to seconds level  in the time of birth. Mostly, the time of birth is not
recorded with the required precision. Consequently, the predictions through this method alone turn
somewhat inaccurate.
With the above background, the Stellar Astrologist is simultaneously using another method
(Horary Astrology).  He is taking only a gross idea from Birth chart and depending more on Horary
chart.  The final predictions are offered based on the judgement of both Natal & Horary charts by
the Astrologer.

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2. Method of Predictions through Horary Chart Analysis  – a Unique Concept

Horary astrology is a wonderful and  very useful concept in the field of  Astrology. This method is
practiced by traditional Indian as well as Western astrologers.  Horary Astrology gives better and
accurate clues related with any specific question. There are various basis and methods of
calculations in Horary Astrology. Based on his experience of different methods, our Expert
primarily uses KP System for Horary Astrology with modifications based on his experience.
The KP system is based on Stellar astrology. Under the KP System, the Zodiac is divided into 249
parts. The person consulting the Astrologer is required  to close eyes and deeply concentrate on
his specific question for about 2-3 minutes. Then after opening eyes, he has to instantly mention a
number between 1 to 249 (whatever number automatically flows in his mind at that time). This
system is said to have a strange dimension which gives excellent and satisfactory results.  The
results are more pin pointing and accurate to a great extent.
Suppose the person has given ‘X’ number (between 1 to 249). The part of the Zodiac
corresponding to number ‘X’ becomes the starting point of the Astrological Chart. The Planetary
positions of the date, time and place of judgement by the Expert are fixed in the Chart. The
Astrological chart is prepared on the basis of typical trigonometry equations using Placidus house
division system.  The Expert analyzes this chart for arriving at the predictions.
Finally, you will be provided with the projections on future related with your specific question
taking pains and utilizing both the systems simultaneously.

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