How Astrology works

This debate continues from pre-historic times. The theologians, philosophers and scientists are all
busy discussing the subject but no consensus.

During the ancient periods, wise and learned persons were very few. One and the same person used
to handle mythology and the science of astrology too. They interlaced mythology-the subject of
personal faith with astrology-a subject to be dealt scientifically. Using references of several theories of
mythology, they concluded that our destiny is pre-determined written in the language of stars &
planets. Consequently, they believe that there is no effect of use of free will & wisdom in our life.
Likewise, they believe that there is no provision for getting results of good deeds and grace of our
Creator in our present life. In the process, while handling astrology, the mythology experts believed
that our destiny is written in the language of stars and they declared that astrologers can predict our
‘pre-determined’ destiny.
However, I am of a strong view that our destiny is not fully pre-determined and there is a provision of
results of use of free will & wisdom and Grace of our Creator for final shape of our destiny. With this,
an astrologer can predict our potential destiny only.
In any case, we cannot accept that the planets & stars are the masters of our destiny.  Our final
destiny related with any event and happenings in our life is founded on THREE PILLARS. It is a
complicated subject which needs exhaustive discussion. However, let me try to present it in a simpler
manner for you.


The THREE PILLARS are as under :
PILLAR NUMBER ONE : Electromagnetic field caused by the planets & stars
PILLAR NUMBER TWO : Wisdom and free will
PILLAR NUMBER THREE : Grace of the Creator

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Electromagnetic field caused by the planets &

At any given moment (be it the moment of your birth or the moment when you are worried about any
specific issue etc. etc), the specific positions of planets and stars of that moment emitting ‘Cosmic
energy’ creates an electromagnetic field on earth and obviously on us too. This field influences
fashion of movement of electrons and neurons in our brain causing a denting effect on our instincts
and impulses. Such denting effect directs us and others who are affecting our matters to act in a
specific manner.  As  laymen, we remain unaware of these forces.  These directions may be ‘angelic’,
good for us OR ‘shaitanic, evil for us. If we behave casually and in a free style, these forces can take
us towards the destiny as they have desired. Let us call it a ‘Potential Destiny’.

PILLAR NUMBER TWO   : Effects of use of wisdom and free will

Man is the supreme creature on this earth. The Creator has gifted him with wisdom & free will. He is
required to sharpen his skills, use wisdom, firmly decide his actions and use free will effectively for his
better & favourable destiny.
As seen in the above, the electromagnetic field caused by the planets & stars has silently given us
direction leading to a potential destiny. However, it is for us to use wisdom and decide what is good
for us and take actions using our free will accordingly.

In the above process, we may note one important hard fact. The mass and density of planets &; stars
is infinite times greater than our mass and density. Accordingly, the electromagnetic field caused by
them is very strong causing a DENTING effect on us. However, it is also a fact that the mind of man
also has infinite power. The question is to sharpen and use this power effectively. Unless we use
appropriate wisdom and a strong will power, it becomes difficult to overcome the effect of
electromagnetic field & act in the required manner instead of acting in the matter directed by the field. Briefly, in the process of effective use of wisdom & free will, the man can himself modify the potential destiny caused by the planets and stars.

PILLAR NUMBER THREE  :   Grace of the Creator

We have a Creator is an indisputable fact. The Creator has created us with some purpose. We are
required to follow certain dos & don’ts and ethical code. While following the right path, we beg for His Grace.  His Grace or otherwise gives us a final direction for course of action and consequently we
meet our ultimate destiny.


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