Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev, Bhole Nath, Shivji, Shankar and the deity of destruction, however he is known for the compassion and kindness among his devotees. According to occult science, he is known to have the strength and powers to give wisdom, change destiny, devastate unawareness and overshadow immorality. Having so many powers that can help in Personal growth and development he is also well known as ‘The Devo Ke Dev-Mahadev’. He looks calm and composed however he has the powers to change himself into a destroyer. Lord Shiva has several shades in his character and by learning through his life changing lessons we can get Personal growth and development in our lives. So, let us read the 10 lessons that we can learn from the life of Lord Shiva. Scroll down and check out:

  • Never tolerate evil: As already mentioned, Lord Shiva is known as the Destroyer of wickedness. He has zero tolerance for evil. He has his own way of treating the evil and making his followers happy and satisfied. If we practice no resilience for the evil and wicked happening around us and stand against the bad things happening around us we can be better human beings.
  • Practicing self control: If your mind is not controlled, it can lead to a life full of disasters. With self control comes the life which is full of happiness and success. Losing focus will always distract you from your goals and you will fall for bad habits and also waste your time. If you want to win the battles and reach your goal, you must have a controlled mind which is focused on the goals that you have set.
  • Stay Calm: No matter what happens in your life, if you are not calm and composed you will lose the focus and will be under stress always. Lord Shiva is a great Yogi who meditates a lot. Meditation helps in bringing calmness and it boosts the mind with positivity. If you want to be away from stress, being calm is the best way. It is also a great practice that leads to Personal growth and development according to occult science.

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  • Stay away from materialism: Materialism is a temporary way to happiness and it is never going to last for long. If you look at Lord Shiva you will understand the simplicity of his life. He always kept himself from the materialistic things while dethatching himself from wealth, showoff and lavishness. When you leave materialism you will understand the true meaning of happiness that comes with experiences not from wealth.
  • Convert negativity to positivity: Also known as “Neelkanth” Lord Shiva gulped the poison and stored it in his throat. This gives us a great example of how a person should take negative things and convert them into positivity with grace and calmness.
  • Free yourself from desires: Desires are the door towards obsessions that can take your life to destruction. Lord Shiva was himself free from desires and he was never obsessed with anything.
  • Respect women: Lord Shiva was also an ‘Ardhanarishwar’, that means half man and half woman. His other half was his wife Parvati and he always made sure to give respect and care to Parvati. He treated her well and also referred her as “Shakti”. He always gave the importance and respect that she deserved.
  • Have a control on your ego:  Practicing control on ego helps in many different ways of life. One must let go off the pride and have a control over ego. When you sow the seeds of ego in your life, you can never harvest greatness. It becomes an obstacle between your aspirations and humility. Lord Shiva always carried a trident “trishool” near his neck to keep a check on his ego. He had zero tolerance on ego so he kept himself away from it and never tolerated ego of others as well.
  • In depth knowledge: Lord Shiva had Ganga in his hair and that is symbolic to the end of ignorance. This means that one must know what he or she is into. One must never deny the facts for Personal growth and development. Doing precise research on what you want to do will always lead you towards success.   
  • Nothing is permanent: It is a must to understand that nothing is going to last forever. This world is temporary and falling for “moh and maya” will always cause sufferings and dissatisfaction. Time changes everything and if you follow this “mantra” you will always stay happy.

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