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According to Hindu astrology , in many different cultures and caste of India, Gold is considered as an auspicious metal. It is said that Gold is being the purest mined material brings good luck and wealth, Personal growth and development, happiness, peace and harmony in the life when adorned as jewelry by men and women.

Wearing Gold can help in different ways and it can open your doors towards wealth and prosperity instantly. Scroll down and check out:

  • Gold is said to awake the crown chakras and it helps in keeping away the evils by making a protection around the person who wears Gold ornaments. This concept is believed in India as well as China and Persia.
  • It is also said that wearing Gold ornaments prevents a person from attracting black energies. Gold ornaments protects against the black energies by awaking the divine consciousness of the body that leads to spiritual healing and helps in protection from negative energies.
  • Divine consciousness can be attracted by a person if they wear ring in the finger. Most of the divine energies are activated through the Gold ring and it is very helpful in keeping away the obstacles from life. In order to get the maximum benefit of Gold ring, men should wear it in their right hand and women should wear it in their left hand to enjoy Personal growth and development.
  • According to Astrology, Gold has its direct relation with Jupiter however it denotes wealth and good luck in every planet. So, wearing Gold ornaments offers royalty and opulence in everyone’s life who wears it.
  • According to Hindu astrology it is considered as auspicious if you see gold in your dreams. It can bring money and wealth to your family and it is also said to bring financial stability and success in future.
  • In order to attract wealth through Gold, you must always keep it wrapped in yellow or red cloth. It is said that by doing this, one can invite wealth and prosperity in their lives.
  • For people facing troubles in their married life or if there is any lack of intimacy between the couple, wearing a gold chain can bring happiness and joy in marital life so if you want to get the benefit you must wear a Gold chain with a gold pendant so that you are blessed with the happiness in marital life.
  • There are many people who get easily distracted from their goals. According to astrology if such people wear Gold ring in index finger, they can boost their power of concentration and get stability in life. They can also have peace and spiritual powers awakened and these things help a lot in achieving success and getting a personality which is full of self confidence.
  • People who have problem of stomach or obesity , they should avoid wearing gold. Angry people should also avoid wearing gold.
  • People who are facing problem related to fame , popularity , status should wear gold ring in middle finger.

The above mentioned tips are according to Hindu Astrology and these tips are useful for the entire well being of a person.