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Our expert, the Stellar Astrologist doesn’t follow the unscientific techniques like divination, fortune telling, conjecture, speculation, guess work etc. His analysis is based on scientific methods, empirically analyzing the correlations of Cosmic phenomenon ... More

Consultation and Astrology Classes by Nehaa Guupta

Foresight Astro is offering both consultations as well as practical and theoretical classes in astrology, numerology, and Palmistry.

I Nehaa Gupta, Heartily welcome you to the world of Foresight Astro. Being a strong believer and follower of Astro Science I launched Foresight Astro. I am both the founder and the director of Foresight Astro. I am a qualified astrologer in KP technique besides having expertise in astrology, numerology, and Palmistry. In spite of being new to this astrological industry, my predictions proved to be genuine and authentic for all my clients who trusted me and my knowledge on the subject.

The journey of life begins from the day when the seed starts growing in the womb of a mother. Life is full of mystery and obstruction. We come across many people including our parents and family to walk through the path of life. We get some signals in the different part of life which instigates us to do some activities which make us different from the rest. It’s the signal of the mystical world which if understood correctly can change the life path of an individual in a positive way.

Sample questions


* When will I get employment?

* When can I expect any Transfer?

* When will I get promotion?

* Will I have a change in my profession?

* Will I get back my job? When?

* Will I go Abroad for any profession?

* Will I settle there?

* Can I start a new business now?

* Can I expand my business?

Marriage & Marital Relations

* Will negotiations for marriage with     Mr./ Miss. X be successful ?

* When will I get married?

* Will I marry my lover?

* When can I celebrate marriage of my     daughter/son?

* Will I have second marriage?

* Is my chart compatible with the girl’s/     boy's chart?


* Does he/she love me?

* Will my love materialise?

* Will my husband come back to me?

* Will I join my Husband and have     domestic harmony?

* Will my husband divorce me?


* Am I pregnant?

* Is my wife pregnant?

* When will I get a child?

* When will she deliver the baby?

* Will I ever get a baby?

If so when?

* Can I adopt a child?

* Will I have a normal delivery or by     Surgery ?



* When will I recover my health?

* When will I get cured?

* Will I undergo any surgery?

* Is my mother's health in danger?

* What is the disease I am suffering     from ?


* When will I buy a car?

* When will I buy a house?

* Will will I sell my property?


* When my son will build a house?

* When my tenant will vacate the     property?


* Can I get loan from Bank?

* When can I get loan and from whom?

* When can I clear off my loans?

* When will I recover my money Lent?

* Will he lend me the money ?

If so when?

Foreign Travel

* Will I go Abroad?

* When will I go to foreign countries?

* Will I go abroad for higher studies?

* Can I get a Job in Abroad?

* When will my son return from Abroad?


* Will my son complete his higher     eductaion?

* Will I pass in the competitive exams ?

* will I have higher studies in Abroad?

* Will I get Scholarship For Higher     Studies ?

* Will I get a seat in the college?


* I am planning for a trade/ investment     in X stocks.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?

* I have entered into a trade/     investment in X stocks.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?

* I am planning to trade in Nifty futures.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?

* I have entered into a trade in Nifty     futures.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?

* I am planning to trade in Options of X.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?

* I have entered into a trade in Options     of X.

Would I get profit. If so, when ?


* Will I get a favourable judgement in     my case?

* Is my Appeal going to be success?

* Will I win my court case?

* Will I get arrested or imprisoned?

Lost person/Theft

* Will my missing relative come back     home?

* Is my child who was lost alive?

* If so when we can get him back?

* Who stole my money and articles ?

* Will I get back my theft article?

If so When?


* Will I win in election?

* Will I become a politician?

* Who will win the Competition ?

* Will I inherit property from my     grandfather?

* Will I get a prize in the Lottery?

* Is the news I heard true or False?

* When will I get a reply from him?

Client reviews

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Nehaa Guupta. She is very easy to talk to, it was interesting to learn about my lines and how they can be developed “


Nehaa, thank you so much for the palmistry session you gave me. It was so detailed, informative & interesting. I was so impressed with your extensive knowledge and ability to connect it to the past , present and future events of my life “

Poornima Negi

I consulted her 2 years before by telephone & till now I have got so much benefit after consulting her that I can never think to go to any other astrologer, palmist, numerologist. Thank u , Nehaa

Rohit Bawri

Business man , Jaipur

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